22nd Junior Eco-Expert Project

Green Thinking - Suistanable Eco-Management.

29 May - 3 June 2022, Tokaj, Hungary

Zdjęcie przedstawiające winnicę w Tokaju na Węgrzech


Junior Eco-Expert Project has been organised annually for 21 years. It has enabled students to learn about various ecological issues of their respective countries. This year the project will be hosted by Szybinski Secondary school in Cieszyn.

Every year a group of 20 students and two teachers participate in the workshops organised by one of the partner schools: from Yspertal in Austria, Veseli nad Luznici in the Czech Republic, Tokaj in Hungary and Cieszyn, Poland. This year students from Piešťany in Slovakia will also join the project.

One of the objectives of the 21st Junior Eco-Expert Project is to provide the students with more in-depth information on good environmentally - friendly practices in all partner countries and the Cieszyn region. Helping them improve eco-friendly habits in their families and promoting sustainable nature conservation in the region will help educate a conscious generation that strives at preserving and restoring the environment.

The students are going to work in five international groups. Each group will deal with another issue.


  1. Media.
  2. Tourism 1: Active water tourism (includes water sports).
  3. Tourism 2: Modern water-based tourism.
  4. Biodiversity in the rivers and wetlands of Tokaj region.
  5. Sustainable backwater management – environmental protection vs. Recreation.
  6. Water as a source of energy (including visit to a water plant).
  7. Sustainable water management in the region of Tokaj.

During the closing ceremony students will present the results of the group work. The students will also present cultural programmes promoting their country, region and school.

The head teachers of the partner schools and representatives of the local authorities from all the partner towns will be invited to the ceremony.

The implementation of the project is possible thanks to the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund and the Cieszyn District Authority.